Kinglabel unremittingly specializes in the adhesive field. 

Since its establishment in 1998, Zhongshan Kinglabel has grown bigger and stronger for 20 years.In 2008, it established Liyang Kinglabel, and set up 13 Sales & service Offices throughout China For customer satisfaction improvement. 

Kinglabel upholds highly the banner of technical innovation, transcendent quality and complete services to open a new chapter in the industry. 


Technical innovation injects vigor into enterprise’s sustainable development. 

Kinglabel values scientific research investment, builds a professional R&D team, forms the R&D core capacity consisting of material and formulation technology, foundation R&D and analysis technology, and masters many new technical patents. Owing to its years of experiences in R&D and manufacture, coupled with advanced R&D analysis equipment and the data bases in different aspects, Kinglabel can rapidly gain reliable and effective data support, which lays a solid foundation for scientific research.


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